South Dublin Connect SDCC

South Dublin County Council’s Connect Project has been mainstreamed into the organisation.

In 2004 the Connect Project put information at the centre of the organisation enabling better governance and streamlined decision-making.

Key projects within the Connect umbrella include Connect Me – an interactive mapping project, and Connect School – an ambitious ICT Education project in St Aidan’s Community School, Brookfield, Tallaght.

Have a look at the following video to get a better idea of Connect.

Connect Me presents an extensive range of local information using an online interactive mapping system, creating a place where people can find accurate information easily and quickly about their community

Connect Me -

Connect School

The Connect School Project in St Aidan’s Community School, Brookfield, Tallaght saw 1-1 computing devices – windows and linux laptops and netbooks – rolled out to the entire school population over a five year period.

A Virtual Learning Environment was developed using Moodle and Google Apps for Education was also implemented.

The project was evaluated by Farrell Grant Sparks and their full evaluation report is available for download (pdf).

Connect School -